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Francis Fitness Studio

Francis Fitness Studio
Private Fitness Studio

One-on-one private fitness studio by Francis Fitness


There’s no question that working out is good for you. It could lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and diabetes and can help improve your mood and mental health. But if you’re like most people, you don’t always feel motivated to hit the gym. That’s where a private fitness studio can make a big difference. When you have your trainer, you’ll be more likely to stick with your workout routine. I will help you set goals and design a program tailored to your needs and abilities. Because we are working one-on-one, you’ll get more attention and feedback than in a group class. I will develop a custom workout plan tailored to your specific goals. Providing guidance and support to ensure that you stay on track makes it much more likely that you will see results. In addition, private studios offer a level of privacy and comfort you cannot find in a traditional gym setting. This can make working out far more enjoyable, which can, in turn, lead to better results. Francis Fitness is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to get fit and stay motivated.

What’s at my Fitness Studio?

  • Machines to work every body part.
  • Leg Press
  • Suspension Trainer
  • Free weights
  • Various bars for weight plates
  • BodyBlades
  • Medicine balls
  • Battle ropes.
  • BOSU Trainers
  • Kettlebells
  • Exercise Balls
  • Balance activities
  • Lebert Fitness Equalizer
  • Lebert Fitness Buddy System
  • The Block dumbbell system
  • Resistance bands

Your Workouts

Your workouts will be written specifically for you to help you reach your personalized fitness goals. Your activities could include various techniques, such as weight machines, free weights, suspension training, BOSU training, Battle ropes, Medine balls, kettlebells, balance and gait activities, plyometrics, and bodyweight exercises. I will tailor the workouts to your individual needs and abilities so that you can get the most out of each session. You can achieve stunning results by working out with me a few times a week. With my help, you will be on your way to achieving your fitness goals in no time! If you live in the Broome county, NY area Contact John Francis for Prices and Availability.

The fitness studio’s difference

As your personal trainer, I will design a workout program for you and your fitness goals. We will work together in a private fitness studio, where you won’t have to worry about other gym members getting in the way of your workout or judging you. I want you to feel comfortable and confident as we work towards reaching your fitness goals. We will create a safe and positive environment where you can focus on achieving your best self. Members can focus on their form without feeling self-conscious or like others are watching them. If you live in Broome county, NY, and are looking for a fitness studio experience, See why Francis Fitness makes a difference.